Curriculum Vitae of Francesco Comiti


• Associate professor at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. 



• PhD in Environmental Watershed Management – University of Padova, Italy (February 2004)

• Diploma (5 years) in Forest and Environmental Sciences – University of Padova, Italy (December 1999) 


• Research Assistant (July 2007 – February 2009) at the Dept. Land and Agroforest Environments (University of Padova). Activities: Evaluaton of actual and potential volumes of in-channel wood its geomorphological impacts in the North Eastern Italy.

• Fulbright Research Visiting Scholar (January – June 2007) at the Dept. of Geosciences della Colorado State University, USA. Activities: Set-up and carry out of experimental study on flow resistance, bed stability and sediment transport in steep channels

• Postdoc fellow (August 2004 – December 2006) at the Dept. Land and Agroforest Environments (University of Padova). Activities were within the EU project “EPIC FORCE” (Evidence-Based Policy For Integrated Control of Forested River Catchments in Extreme Rainfall and Snowmelt). Activities: field investigations in Latin America (Southern Chile and Argentina, Costa Rica) on stream morphology, large woody debris volumes and characteristics, flow velocity and resistance, sediment transport rates.



Bedload and suspended transport in mountain rivers

• Hydrological dynamics of glaciarized basins

• Monitoring and alert systems for debris flow events

• Monitoring and modeling of wood transport in mountain rivers

• Monitoring and assessment of river restoration projects

• Prediction of flood hazard patterns in mountain basins

• Assessment of river hydromorphological status for the EU Water Framework Directive