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Bioorganic Chemistry and Bio-Crystallography laboratory (B2Cl)







Photos and info about people who were/are working in the group!




The group during Professor Rob Field’s visit (05.03.2013)


From left to right: Stefano Benini, Marco Salomone-Stagni, Rob Field, Lorenzo Caputi, Mirco Toccafondi, Joseph Dale Bartho






The group during an excursion to Obereggen during skiing season for a “team building exercise” (22.03.2013)


From left to right: Joseph Dale Bartho, Giuseppe Cirella (from Professor Zerbe’s group!) Marco Salomone-Stagni (and his beer!), Mirco Toccafondi (and his “Bombardino”!), Stefano Benini




The group in the lab (unbelievable but true!) (30.09.2013)


From left to right: Mirco Toccafondi, Marco Salomone-Stagni, Stefano Benini, Luca Daprà (the hair is real not a wig!), Joseph Dale Bartho




The group helping me move to a new home.. (15.03.2014)


From left to right: Jochen Würges, Joseph Dale Bartho (with Nikita the cat) Stefano Benini, Marcelo Monzillo (a friend of mine from Uruguay, that’s way is wearing that T-shirt!) Marco Salomone-Stagni.