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Steven Johnson
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Steven Johnson (*1972), is Executive Creative Director at social research and design company, Collaborative Change. He is also founder of the initiative and author of an upcoming book of the same name. Collaborative Change® is a participatory approach to innovation and change, driven by the power of co-design™. Considered Creative® is a project designed to build capacity around sustainability and social change issues within the creative industries. Johnson is member of the D&AD Board of Trustees. D&AD is the English equivalent of the Italian Art Directors Club. D&AD stands for Design and Art Direction. Each year D&AD awards exceptional design and advertising works from all over the world. At the yearly D&AD Awards Ceremony the Yellow Pencils and Black Pencils are awarded. The Yellow Pencil equals a silver medal, while the Black Pencil a gold medal. He has been working as trustee with D&AD, focussing on embedding social change and responsibility principles into the advertising and creative industries introducing the White Pencil award in 2012. Steven has been responsible for projects for private, public and third sector clients and his work has received recognition from the Design Business Association, IPA, AHC, D&AD, How-Do and the German Design Council. More recently his work has turned to focus on working with agency teams to incorporate social design, co-creation and sustainability principles into the creative and planning process. Steven speaks regularly on behaviour change, social design and sustainability issues and advises a range of industry bodies and educational institutions on social change and sustainability issues.
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