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Abstract submission

We welcome original papers and posters on research on rhotics. Topics of interest for 'r-atics-3 include, but are not restricted to the following:

- the phonetic diversity of rhotics;

- the possible phonological unity of rhotics;

- the sociophonetic variation of rhotics;

- the diachronic evolution of rhotics;

- rhotics in the languages of the world;

- rhotics in first and second language acquisition;

- rhotics and clinical phonetics.

Abstracts should not exceed 700 words (exclusive of references) and should clearly state research questions, approach, method and (expected) results. The abstract should not mention the presenter(s) nor their affiliation or address. The name of the presenter(s) should be inserted in the body of the email, along with their affiliation and e-mail address. Submitters must specify if they want their abstract to be considered for a paper; a poster; a paper or poster.

Please send your abstract as an attachment (.pdf file) to

Deadline for abstract submission is September 10, 2011.

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