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   Friday, 2 December 2011 | Room F0.03
09.20  Opening & Welcome greetings
 09.45 Roeland van Hout, Radboud University Nijmegen
Hans Van de Velde
, Utrecht University

Within speaker and within group variability.
Linguistic and socio-geographic aspects of the spread of uvular /r/ in Flanders
 10.30 Marijn van`t Veer, Leiden University
On the place of rhotics: A case study on the acquisition of French /ʁ/
 11.00 Coffee Break
 11.30 Nasir Abbas Rizvi, University of Essex
Perception and production of English [r] by Pakistani L2 learners
 12.00 Keith E. Johnson, California State University, Fresno
The role of airflow control in L2 acquisition of the Spanish trill by L1 English speakers
 12.30 Markus Hiller, Institut für Deutsche Sprache
Retracted tongue root as a correlate of rhoticity in Swabian German
 13.00 Lunch
 14.30 Phil Hoole, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
Articulatory coordination in obstruent-sonorant clusters and syllabic consonants:
Data and modelling
 15.15 Mary Baltazani, University of Ioannina
Katerina Nicolaidis, Aristotele University of Thessaloniki
The many faces of /r/
 15.45 Carmen-Florina Savu, University of Bucharest
Another look at the structure of /ɾ/:
Constricted intervals and vocalic elements
 16.15 Lorenzo Spreafico & Alessandro Vietti, Free University of Bozen
The articulatory sociophonetics of rhotics in a bilingual community
 16.45 Poster session
  - Paolo Mairano, GIPSA-LAB, Stendhal University, Grenoble
   A preliminary phonetic exploration of the voice contrast in Icelandic r sounds
  - Thomas Jauriberry, Albert Hamm, Rudolph Sock & Monika Pukli,
   University of Strasbourg
   Variation and change of rhotics in Scottish English: The case of Ayrshire
 - Patrick-André Mather, University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras
A methodological replica of Labov`s department story study
 - Adam Pluszczyk, University of Silesia
   An analysis of rhoticity in the speech of native and non-native
   speakers of English
 - James M. Scobbie, Queen Margaret University Edinburg
   Reenu Punnoose, Newcastle University
   Ghada Khattab, Newcastle University
   Ultrasound tongue imaging of the five liquids of Malayalam:
   a single case pilot study
 - Dereje Tadesse Birbirso, Haramaya University
   Possible phonological unity of rhotics in retroflex ejective ɗʼ/ɖʼ:
   Diachronic evolutionary perspective
 - Dilara Tepeli-Wilson, University of Wisconsin-Medison
   The production, perception, and discrimination of German /r/ allophones
   by native German and experienced American English speakers
 20.00 Dinner
  Saturday, 3 December 2011  |  Room F0.03
 09.00 Didier Demolin, GIPSA-Lab, Stendhal University, Grenoble 3
 09.45 Cédric Patin, Charles de Gaulle University, Lille III
/r/ in Washili Singazidja
 10.15 Evan-Gary Cohen, Tel Aviv University
Prosodic factors in the adaptation of Hebrew rhotics in loanwords from English
 10.45 Coffee break
 11.30 Eleanor Lawson, Queen Margaret University Edinburgh
James M. Scobbie, Qeen Margaret University Edinburgh
Jane Stuart-Smith, Glasgow University
The variable impact of /r/ on Scottish prerothic vowels,
some acoustic and articulatory evidence
 12.00 Carmen Llamas, University of York
Dominic Watt, University of York
Gerry Docherty, Newcastle University
The socioindexical properties of (r) in the Scottish-English border region
 12.30 María Riera & Joaquín Romero, Rovira i Virgili University
New insights into American English V+/r/ sequences
 13.00  Final remarks

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