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Building Simulation Applications 2015 - 2nd IBPSA-Italy Conference

IBPSA-Italy and the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Faculty of Science and Technology, are pleased to announce the second edition of the Building Simulation Applications Conference,
which will take place in Bolzano from the 4thto the 6thof February 2015.
The Conference will be held in English. The flyer can be downloaded here 

Conference topics
The conference topics, with reference to building simulation are
Building physics: envelope and system components
•       Heat and mass transfer modeling in buildings
•       Building envelope systems and facades, and innovative building materials
•       Air flow, natural ventilation and  mixed mode cooling
•       HVAC components and systems
•       Building control systems

Integrated performance
•       Building acoustics
•       Lighting and daylighting
•       Indoor environmental modeling: visual and thermal comfort, indoor air quality
•       Net-zero energy building
•       Retrofit/refurbishment of existing buildings
•       Renewable energy technologies for buildings, district heating  and CHP generation
Methodologies, regulation, calculation and simulation tools
•       Model validation, sensitivity analysis and optimization techniques
•       Building codes and regulations, simplified methods versus detailed simulation
•       New simulation tools and improvements in existing simulation tools
•       Integration, interoperability web-based techniques, software development, 
        open source initiatives
•       Advances in teaching and education, eLearning

Target audience
  • Public and private researchers in the general sector of building simulation and energy modelling 
  • Public agencies, public utilities and policy makers 
  • Private firms: Manufacturers, management companies, utilities, software house
  • Professionals: building designers (architects, engineers, etc.)  

    IBPSA-Italy Awards
  • A special Call for papers will  be addressed to graduate students who will present their research as first authors in a dedicated special session. The best paper will be awarded during the final session
  • A special Call for papers will be addressed to Designers and Professionals. In a dedicated session they will present building simulation application best-practices in design or service. The best project will be awarded during the final open session.

    Previous BSA conference
    The 1st Building Simulation Application Conference BSA2013, which took place the first time at the Free University of Bolzano since January 30th till February 1st, 2013, met a successful participation. More than 70 attendees from different countries, 118 authors, 44 presentations and two keynote speeches are some of the figures of that event.

    The proceedings of the BSA2013 - the electronic version can be downloaded for free - are available here:


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