Reduce to the max

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Reduce to the max
The project "Reduce to the max" analyzes the basic idea of simplicity in relation to graphic design.

We live in a world that constantly generates new knowledge, but this new knowledge is primarily an expert knowledge. Our knowledge is managed by specialists who can barely communicate with each other and outside of their narrow specialized field these specialists are lay people. Knowledge in our society is just accumulated, collected, wikipedised, but no longer understood. This abstract production of knowledge is fictitious and prevents its use in everyday life. The individual feels overwhelmed by the flood of knowledge, intimidated and insecure. The more advanced a society is, the more complex its substance and regularities.

How can creative thinking and graphic design, express complex ideas simple and clear: "reduced to the essentials". How can we communicate everyday life informations? How can we make relationships visible, meaningful and useable?

The desire to make things as simple as possible, was probably always there, but who actually decides what is simple and what is not?

Is it possible to evaluate simplicity and rationality at all, or will simplicity perhaps always be a relative value? What effect does a reduced design have in respect to the emotional perception? Does the reduction in design have also has an aesthetic function? What is the role of context? How do other cultures, like the Japanese, deal with the principle of "Reduce to the max"?

The students are guided through a variety of workshops to the topic "Reduce to the max". The results of the student works will published in the online magazine F3.01. The conceptual and editorial work of the online magazine will be designed by the students.

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Here you can find some "impressions" of the semester's everyday life. In this way, Atelier Life allows you an exclusive sight behind.

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End of the semester | Exam & Exhibition:

The final exams takes place on 23rd January 2012.
The semester show "Gäste Ospiti Guests" –GOG– takes place on the 24th and 25th January, 2012.