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Research through design

Welcome to my research website!

What you will find here:

In this area you can find out about the following topics:

  • Results of my research projects
  • My research profile
  • My understanding towards research, teaching and design work

Results of my research projects

Under the menu items listed above you can find out about the results of my research projects. Every research project is documented with a short description in terms of content and a picture gallery.

Here I will inform about my:

My research profile:

My emphasis on research lies in the area of visual communication, the communication by means of pictures, symbols and texts.

I am a designer, and as such I research selectively “through design”.

As design and development are disciplines the results of my research works are therefore always designs and artefacts.

Problems "of design", design theoretical analysis of the discipline design, come from my colleagues who occupie with the more theoretical disciplines which gives my design impulses.

Within my main emphasis of visual communication, which shows a broad variety of fields of research, I occupy myself in particular with these three fields of research.

01. Processes of perception of visual communication
02. Typography
03. Visual contextualisation

Interaction of research, teaching and design:

Under the following menu items I will inform you of the interaction and my understanding of research, teaching and design: