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Conference | Ornament Today

Research project:
Digital. Material. Structural. Ornament Today

International conference

Author of the research project:
Jörg H. Gleiter (D) | Associate professor (FUB)

Research group:
Antonino Benincasa (D/I) | Associate professor (FUB)
Katharina Schirl (AUT) | Student (FUB)
Nadia Spitaler(I) | Student (FUB)

Thematic area:
Design theory

The conference invites international designers, architects and artists as well as theoreticians, cultural scientists and philosophers to Bozen/Bolzano in order to pose the question of ornament in the digital age from the perspective of practice, theory, aesthetics and media psychology.

Contributors will be from the USA, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy. The conference will be held in German and Italian. All contributions will be simultaneously interpreted into the other language.

The debates on ornament have reignited. As the digital age dawns, ornament – the very thing that modernity attempted to abolish at the beginning of the machine age – is making a comeback in design, architecture and art. The return of ornament is an indication of a fundamental change. Opinions diverge when it comes to ornament, but less in the sense of taste than that the central formative questions crystallise on it. Ornament is the battleground of theory and practice.


Press release | Digital. Material. Structural. Ornament Today (PDF 122 KB)


My contributes to this research project:
Knowledge transfer | Artistic Board: International conference
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Closing date of the research project:
June 2010