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Conference | Design Research

Research project:
Strategy Setting to Face the Future
International conference on Design Research

Which kind of topics will become relevant, in the next years, for the design profession? And which are the most appropriated working methods, research approaches and professional attitudes in order to deal successfully with the challenges those future design topics are implying?

Author of the research project:
Hans H÷ger (D) | Associate professor (FUB)

Research group:
Antonino Benincasa (D/I) | Associate professor (FUB)

Thematic area:
Design theory

Research topic

Investigation of motion graphics, typography artefacts, literature, philosophy and the psychology of perception (including synesthetics) in their relevance as stimuli and information sources for visual communication projects.

Resarch goals

Answering the following questions:
a) Which are possible methods and working approaches in order to achieve extended forms of interdisciplinarity in:
:: motion graphics (four-dimensional design ) and :: typography and principles of two-dimensional design
b) Which are the benefits for designers, design didactics, film directors and design students of an enlarged understanding of: :: interdisciplinarity in motoin design :: communication and the psychology of perception?

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Press release | Design Research: Strategy Settings to Face the Future (PDF 250 KB)


My contributes to this research project:
Knowledge transfer | Curator: International conference | Corporate identiy | Poster design | Website design

Closing date of the research project:
June 2007