Master Talks 09
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Master Talks 09

Research project:

Master Talks 09

Products and services under the signs of emotional identity and sustainable aesthetics. Analysis of design working methods that, from the point of view of design strategy, put direct project working in the context of long-term action and communication strategies.

Authors of the research project:

Antonino Benincasa (D/I) | Associate professor (FUB)
Jörg Gleiter (D) | Associate professor (FUB)

Thematic area:

Knowledge transfer | Design theory


Metadesign's method of working was developed in Italy and is, from an historic point of view, among the most significant distinctions that can be identified within Italian design culture compared to the approaches to work of other countries.

The basics of Metadesign are part of a system's theory applied to design topics. A larger context, in the sense of programmatic communication on several levels and long-term strategy development, advances beyond the individual design to the centre of design creation. The 'Red Books', that were produced in the 1970s as a comprehensive communication programme and a set of design rules and regulations of the Italian Olivetti group, are one of the first examples for the universal implementation of a Metadesign approach.

Today Metadesign's approach to work is more topical than ever as it facilitates prospects for implementing a multiplicity of identifying and distinguishing features on a long-term basis in ever more densely saturated markets and the ever more frequently encountered technological stalemate.

The research project wants to throw light on Metadesign's approach to work that has hitherto only been examined occasionally, with help of historical and empirical investigation in its historical development and its future and present meaning.

We intend to publish the research results as documents, hold an exhibition and a series of lectures.


Status of the research project:

In progress