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Zona 0 | Gli Altri

ZONA #0, Gli Altri
Supplement of Abitare #473 | 62 pages

Curator of the publication:
Emanuela De Cecco (I) | Associate professor (FUB)

Antonino Benincasa (I/D) | Associate professor (FUB)
Emanuela De Cecco (I) | Associate professor (FUB)
Gerhard Glüher (D) | Chair (FUB)
Hans Höger (D) | Associate professor (FUB)
Francesco Jodice (I) | Professor a. c. (FUB)
Steffen Kaz (D) | Professor a. c. (FUB)
Kuno Prey (I) | Chair (FUB)
Paolo Riolzi (I) | Professor a. c. (FUB)
Paolo Volontè (I) | Associate professor (FUB)

Thematic area:
Art | Design | Visual communication

A publication from the Faculty of Design and Art that aims to provide a platform where the area of study and the world of art and design are compared.


Stampa | ZONA #0 - Gli Altri // Alto Adige (PDF 400 KB)

Presse | ZONA #0 - Di Anderen // Dolomiten (PDF 500 KB)


My contribute to this publication:
Author of the article: Other than the others | pages 42-45
Art direction of the website "gli altri"

Working group which collaborated on the design of the website:
Philipp Heinlein (D) | Design research assistant (FUB)
Matteo Moretti (I) | Professor a. c. (FUB)
Kuno Prey (I) | Chair (FUB)

June 2007 | Supplement of Abitare #473
ISSN 0001-3218 | Editrice Abitare Segesta, Milano