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Type | Motion | Perception

Research project:

Type | Motion | Perception

Extending the methodological approach of interdisciplinarity in typography, motion graphics, visual comunication and perception.

Author of the research project:

Antonino Benincasa (D/I) | Associate professor (FUB)

Research group:

Antonio Galassi (I)| Visual Communicationn

Thematic area:

Visual communication, Motion graphics


Research topic
Investigation of motion graphics, typography artefacts, literature, philosophy and the psychology of perception (including synesthetics) in their relevance as stimuli and information sources for visual comunication projects.

Resarch goals
Answering the following questions:
a) Which are possible methods and working approaches in order to achieve extended forms of interdisciplinarity in:
:: motion graphics (four-dimensional design ) and
:: typography and principles of two-dimensional design

b) Which are the benefits for designers, design didactics, film directors and design students of an enlarged understanding of:
:: interdisciplinarity in motion design
:: comunication and the psychology of perception?



Status of the research project:

In progress