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Within the thematic area of Society, a series of topics and working methods of increasing design relevance in the future will be examined and discussed by a sociologist, an architect and an anthropologist. Based upon different professional experiences and points of view, the presentations and discussions will focus on those social processes that are going to change not only our living conditions but also the contents and frameworks of designers’ activities. Particular attention will be paid to the relationships between global and local reality.
Aldo Bonomi, Milano | I
Consorzio A.A.STER

Aldo Bonomi, sociologist (* 1950), founder and director of the Consorzio AASTER (Associazione Agenti di Sviluppo del Territorio). He realized numerous research projects on topics concerning territory, development and forms of cohabitation. He published the following books: Il trionfo della moltitudine (1996), Il capitalismo molecolare (1997), Manifesto per lo sviluppo locale with Giuseppe De Rita (1998), Il distretto del piacere (2000), La comunità maledetta”(2002), La montagna disincantata (2002), Per un credito locale e globale (2003), La città infinita with Alberto Abruzzese (2004), Che fine ha fatto la borghesia? with Massimo Cacciari and Giuseppe De Rita (2004), Il passaparola dell’invisibile (2004), Il Capitalismo Personale with Enzo Rullani (2005). He is editor of the magazine Communitas and scientific coordinator of Itaca -pamphlets about the territory - a six-monthly publication edited by UniCredit. He was a columnist of the Corriere della Sera and is presently the columnist of Microcosmi for the newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore.

June 27th, SER-D 102 | 10:30



Stefano Mirti, Torino | I
Interaction Design lab

Stefano Mirti, interaction designer and director of NABA - Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti - in Milan (* 1968), is in charge of the operations of Id-lab (Interaction Design Lab), Turin. At the same time he works as a coordinator of the Design program at Naba Academy and is consultant of Torino World Design Capital 2008.
From 2001 to 2005 he worked as Associate Professor at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, a research center established by Olivetti and Telecom Italia. From 2000 to 2001, he worked as lecturer at Tama Art University (Tokyo). He there designed such unique projects as the  polycarbonate house and the neon gardens, and initiated Now the Future, a project for a digital image atlas of the world. Before his years in Japan, he was one of the founding members of Cliostraat, a design group of architects, artists and photographers that designs houses, parks, public facilities, sports facilities and temporary exhibition pavilions. Cliostraat is one of the most successful groups of the so-called Italy’s new wave, featured at length in all kinds of exhibitions and press. He was three times awarded the prestigious  European Architectural Prize (1995, 1997 and 2001) and has been awarded the Italian Republic Bronze Medal for Cultural Merits in the field of Architecture (2004). As a designer, his works and installations have been exhibited at Venice Biennale, Milano Triennale, Victoria & Albert Museum (London), Beijing First Biennale of Architecture and others.

June 27th, SER-D 102 | 11:15

Aditya Dev Sood, Bangalore | India
Center for Knowledge Societies –CKS–

Aditya Dev Sood, anthropologist, is the Founder and CEO of the Center for Knowledge Societies (CKS). He has received doctorates in Anthropology and in Sanskrit Philology from the University of Chicago. He is a former Fulbright Scholar and has received several academic fellowships, awards and distinctions, graduating summa cum laude from the University of Michigan. Sood is the author of the CKS Guide to ICTs for Development (2002) and the Mobile Development Report (2007). At CKS he has directed a number of projects involving User research, New product concepting, User experience and Service design, and Organizational innovation management. He conceived the ‘Used in India’ initiative, a multi-year CKS research program which explores the cultural salience of audiovisual technologies in India. Its findings have been exhibited around the world and included in the Planning Commission’s Report on Creative Industries. Sood has produced several editions of the world famous Doors of Perception Conferences in India from 2003 – 2007. He frequently speaks on issues relating to technology, design, development and social research at academic and industry forums.

June 27th, SER-D 102 | 12:00



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