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Roland Posner (*1942; Prof. Dr.) studied philosophy, comparative literature, linguistics and communication theory at the Universities of Bonn, Munich and Berlin. Since 1975 he has been full professor for linguistics and semiotics at the Technical University of Berlin. He is the founding president of the German Society for Semiotics (DGS), honorary president of the International Association for Semiotic Studies (IASS) and, since 1979, the founder and editor of the Zeitschrift für Semiotik. He has published numerous books and papers on linguistics, semiotics, philosophy of language, philosophy of science and cultural analysis, as well as editing over 200 books on these topics. He has also displayed numerous works and exhibitions as a photographer.

Bibliography (selection)
  • Warnungen an die ferne Zukunft: Atommüll als Kommunikations-problem (1991)
  • Semiotik: Ein Handbuch zu den zeichentheoretischen Grundlagen von Natur und Kultur (1997–2004) (with K. Robering and T.A. Sebeok † )

Photographic work
  • Wall Street Gallery: Eine Bildchronik der Berliner Mauer (1990, with Sabine Kowal)
  • Palimpsest: Architektur, die das Leben umschreibt (1999, with Vessela Lozanova)
  • The Metropolis as a Giant Hall of Mirrors (2010)  


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