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Law, Economics and Institutions

Scientific Coordinator:
Stefania Baroncelli


Ivo De Gennaro, Roberto FarnetiPaolo GiudiciHannes Hofmeister, Stefano LombardoRalf LuefterFrancesco MontanariMonica Rosini, Laura Valle.

The Law, Economics and Institutions Priority Research Area  encompasses research in both the comparative analysis of Law and Economics (within the public and the private sphere), and the study of Legal, Political and Ethical Systems.
The area fosters research across disciplines and national/linguistic boundaries. Research results are usually published in the Italian, English or German languages.

This Priority Research Area focuses on developments at different levels - International, European and Regional -, and its agenda is to address such issues as:

  • Institutions and values
  • Economic Analysis of Law and Empirical Legal Studies
  • European Private Law and Information Society
  • Fundamental Rights, Democracy and Citizenship 
  • Philosophical and Aesthetical Models of Economics
  • Governance and Policies in Multilingual Societies
  • Welfare, Justice, and the Public Sector
  • the Effects of EU Law on the domestic order
  • Economic and Monetary Governance
  • Enterprises, Contracts, and Competitiveness
  • Social Responsibility in the private and public sector, etc.


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