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September 8-12, 2014

The conference is devoted to set and vector optimization, its application in Finance and the underlying convex and variational analysis for vector- and set-valued functions as well as module extensions of variational analysis.

We invite researchers working on these topics to present their results and discuss their points of view to set-valued optimization including equilibrium problems, variational inequalities, financial models using set-valued functions, (L0-)module structures, scalarization procedures and algorithmic methods for such models.

Since we want to bring together people working on (theoretical) set-valued optimization and potential users, we explicitly invite researchers working on financial markets models with frictions to participate.  
Organizers Scientific Committee
A.H. Hamel (Bozen-Bolzano) F. Heyde (Freiberg)
F. Heyde (Freiberg) Y. Kaniovskyi (Bozen-Bolzano)
A. Löhne (Halle) M. Kupper (Konstanz)
B. Rudloff (Princeton) B. Mordukhovich (Detroit)
C. Schrage (Valle d'Aosta) C. Schrage (Valle d'Aosta)
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