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Bolzano/Bozen Economics & Management Paper Series


The Bolzano/Bozen Economics & Management Paper Series (BEMPS) aims to facilitate the dissemination of research by staff members, research fellows and affiliates at FEM – UNIBZ to the scientific community and the interested public. The papers are published electronically and are available online through the RePec platform. Papers - which should be accompanied by abstract (approx. 150 words), JEL codes and keywords (min. 2, max. 7) should be submitted as an email attachment in PDF format to:

Work published in the Working Paper series can be submitted to other working paper series and obviously to Journals.

The Working Paper Series does not adopt a particular style, and authors are free to use any recognized format as long as it is consistently applied. 

08/16 - BEMPS35 Maria Giovanna Brandano, Linda Osti, Manuela Pulina
Tourism farms: a demand-supply framework
02/16 - BEMPS34 Helia Marreiros, Mirco Tonin, Michael Vlassopoulos, m.c. schraefel
“Now that you mention it”: A Survey Experiment on Information, Salience and Online Privacy
10/15 - BEMPS33 Corrado Giulietti, Mirco Tonin, Michael Vlassopoulos
Racial Discrimination in Local Public Services: A Field Experiment in the US
10/15 - BEMPS32 F. Marta L. Di Lascio, Simone Giannerini
Clustering dependent observations with copula functions
09/15 - BEMPS31 Elisa Villani, Luciano Greco, Nelson Phillips
Business Models and Institutional Complexity: Understanding Value Creation in Healthcare Sector Public- Private Partnerships
06/15 - BEMPS30 Federico Boffa, Amedeo Piolatto, Giacomo Ponzetto
Should Different People Have Different Governments?
06/15 - BEMPS29 Vittoria Cerasi, Alessandro Fedele, Raffaele Miniaci
Do your Rivals Enhance your Access to Credit? Theory and Evidence
06/15 - BEMPS28 Alessandro Fedele, Luca Panaccione
Pay package reshuffling and managerial incentives: A principal-agent analysis.
06/15 - BEMPS27 Andrea Salustri, Federica Viganò
Human development and well-being during the great recession. The non-Profit sector as a capability enhancing worplace.
01/15 - BEMPS26 Andrea Pinna
Price Formation of Pledgeable Securities
01/15 - BEMPS25 Alessandro Fedele, Sara Depedri 
In Medio Stat Virtus: Does a Mixed Economy Increase Welfare?
01/15 - BEMPS24 Alessandro Fedele 
Well-Paid Nurses are Good Nurses 
01/15 - BEMPS23 Daria Mendola, Serena Volo
Tourism Destination Competitiveness: Measurement Issues 
12/14 - BEMPS22 Patricio Aroca, Juan Gabriel Brida, Juan Sebastiàn Pereyra, Serena Volo
Tourism statistics: correcting data inadequacy using coarsened exact matching
12/14 - BEMPS21 Andrea Pinna 
Indirect Contagion in an Originate-to-Distribute Banking Model  
09/14 - BEMPS20 Pierpaolo D'Urso, Marta Disegna, Riccardo Massari, Linda Osti
Fuzzy segmentation in postmodern consumers
08/14 - BEMPS19 Claudia Curi, Cinzia Daraio, Patrick Llerena
The productivity of French Technology Transfer Offices after government reforms
08/14 - BEMPS18 Claudia Curi, Ana Lozano-Vivas, Valentin Zelenyuk 
Foreign bank diversification and efficiency prior to and during the financial crisis: Does one business model fit all?
08/14 - BEMPS17 Claudia Curi, Ana Lozano-Vivas 
Financial Centre Productivity and Innovation prior to and during the Financial Crisis
08/14 - BEMPS16 Juan Gabriel Brida, Chiara Dalle Nogare, Raffaele Scuderi 
How often to a museum? Motivations matter
06/14 - BEMPS15 Luisella Bosetti, Pietro Gottardo, Maurizio Murgia, Andrea Pinna
The Impact of Large Orders in Electronic Markets
12/13 - BEMPS14 Marta Disegna, Linda Osti
The Influence of Visitors’ Satisfaction on Expenditure Behaviour
10/13 - BEMPS13 Pierpaolo D'Urso, Girish Prayag, Marta Disegna, Riccardo Massari
Market Segmentation using Bagged Fuzzy C-Means (BFCM): Destination Imageof Western Europe among Chinese Travellers
07/13 - BEMPS12 Lucie Courteau, Jennifer L. Kao, Yao Tian
Does Accrual Management Impair the Performance of Earnings-Based Valuation Models?
07/13 - BEMPS11 Jean Bedard, Lucie Courteau
Benefits and Costs of Auditor's Assurance: Evidence from the Review of the Quarterly Financial Statements
06/13 - BEMPS10 Marta Disegna, Fabrizio Durante, Enrico Foscolo
A Multivariate Nonlinear Analysis of Tourism Expenditures
06/13 - BEMPS09 Antonio Abbruzzo, Juan Gabriel Brida, Raffaele Scuderi
Determinants of Individual Tourist Expenditure as a Network: Empirical Findings from Uruguay
06/13 - BEMPS08 Alessandro Fedele, Paolo Naticchioni
Moonlighting Politicians: Motivation Matters!
06/13 - BEMPS07 Alessandro Fedele, Pierpaolo Giannoccolo
06/13 - BEMPS06 Dogan Gursoy, Anna Maria Parroco, Raffaele Scuderi
An Examination of Tourist Arrivals Dynamics Using Short-term Time Series Data: a Space–time Cluster Approach
06/13 - BEMPS05 Dmitri Boreiko, Maurizio Murgia
European Spin-offs Origin, Value Creation,
and Long-term Performance
06/13 - BEMPS04 Antonio Nicita, Matteo Rizzolli
In Dubio Pro Reo. Behavioral Explanations of Pro-defendant Bias in Procedures
05/13 - BEMPS03 Juan Gabriel Brida, Marta Disegna, Raffaele Scuderi
The Behaviour of Repeat Visitors to Museums: Review and Empirical Findings
05/13 - BEMPS02 Juan Gabriel Brida, Marta Disegna, Tsvetina Vachkova
Visitor Satisfaction at the Museum:
Italian versus Foreign Visitors
05/13 - BEMPS01 Lucia Marchegiani, Tommaso Reggiani, Matteo Rizzolli
Severity vs. Leniency Bias in Performance Appraisal: Experimental Evidence

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