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Quantitative Methods and Economic Modeling  

Scientific Coordinator
Fabrizio Durante
Paolo ColettiFrancesca Marta Lilja Di LascioAlessandro Fedele, Enrico FoscoloAndreas Heinrich Hamel, Yuriy Kaniovskyi, Francesco Ravazzolo, Steven Eric Stillman, Francisco Javier Santos-Arteaga, Carola Schrage, Franz Stefan Schubert, Mirco Tonin, Alex Weissensteiner.

The research area includes the theoretical foundation and the methodological aspects that are relevant for mathematical and statistical analysis in economics, finance and management.
It is mainly related to the following interconnected domains:
  • Macroeconomics, international economics, economic dynamics and growth, business cycles.
  • Microeconomics, institutional economics.
  • Public administration, public economics and quantitative evaluation of policies.
  • Quantitative methods for management and finance (including decision theory, quantitative finance, risk evaluation, optimization).
  • Statistical methods and Econometrics (including business and computational statistics, data analysis, dependence models, time series). 





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