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The Faculty of Design and Art is pursuing a humanist influenced understanding of design. In its teaching and research it is neither purely technological, industrial or market oriented, but understands its work primarily as a contribution to a meaningful configuration of the everyday life of man, society and the environment.

Such an understanding of design implies interdisciplinary approaches and goes back to the historical ideas of the early Italian Renaissance, especially to the work of Leon Battista ALBERTI.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, there has been a similar understanding based on the question of motivation and objectives within business activity also by industry. Examples concern businessmen and women like RATHENAU, Adriano OLIVETTI, J. Paul GETTY, Arthur and Erwin BRAUN, Jacqueline VODOZ and Bruno DANESE, Sergio CAMMILLI, Anna CASTELLI FERRIERI, Niels WIESE VITSOE, Fritz HAHNE, Rolf FEHLBAUM, Fernando AMAT, Mieke and Jan TEUNEN, Marco ROVEDA, George SOROS, Miuccia PRADA, Li Ka SHING, Gianfranco DIOGUARDI and others.


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