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                     All parallel sessions on Wednesday, 16.04.2014         

10.15 - 11.15   Social Work education: preparing future social  workers to stand up Frei Sabine
Ideologies and professional preferences of Latin-American social work students Negron Gisela
The potential for social change in social work. Starting BaSW-students’ commitment to social change. Van den Bosch Dries, Koen Hermans
Social work education in a time of national crisis:  educating the workforce to combat inequalities Dedotsi Sofia, Young Alys,  Broadhurst Karen                  
10.15 - 11.15   Research in social work as participative learning process 3  Ruch Gillian
  Researching Supervision: a participative learning process for knowledge production in social work?                  Karvinen-Niinikoski Synnöve, Beddoe Liz , Ruch Gillian, Ming-sum Tsui              
Participatory action research (PAR) as knowledge production in social work. Seim Sissel
Participatory research - a contribution to learning in innovation processes? Sagatun Solveig

10.15 - 11.15   Reserach as a participative process 4  Mairhofer Sigrid
Moving the fences: the complexities of Service User participation in supervision research  Marrable Tish, Lambley Sharon
  The involvement of service users and carers in social work education-a case example. Gant Valerie    
  Participatory action research scenarios promoting changes in private and public elderly care organizations Naujanienė Rasa, Ruskus Jonas, Mazeikiene Natalija, Roberta Motieciene

10.15 - 11.15 Exploring practices 2  Caswell Dorte
Rights and wrongs in Social Work practice: Who gets to say? Sobocan Ana Marija                   
  Agency in shaping social work service concept Muurinen Heidi                     
  Standardisation-  the end of uncertainty? Svensson Kerstin, Ponnert Lina

11.45- 13.15     Researching professional development
Researching Professional Development of Early Career Social Workers Shardlow Steven M , Carpenter John, Blewett James              
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in Social Work:  Barriers and Opportunities. Halton Carmel
Professionalization by academication among teachers, nurses and social workers Höjer Staffan
Managers in social work – on becoming a manager and learning to lead Shanks Emelie

11.45 - 13.15     Evidence and uncertainty: reflections on social work knowledge production and dissemination  Roth Maria
  Who is ‘taken into care?’: Knowledge production through dialogue with social workers Alastair Christie, O'Leary  Donna, Fitzgerald Tony           
  The Use of Peer-Reviewed Journals on Finnish Social Work Research  Mäntysaari Mikko
  Core elements in social work methods: examples form research in child protection and community work with girls Boendermaker Leonieke, Busschers Inge , Judith Metz
Learning from Roma minority youth about their needs Roth Maria, Raiu Sergiu, Pop Florina, Bernath Anna

11.45- 13.15       Researching disadvantage and Stigma                               Zavirsek Daria
  Disability studies and crip theory from Eastern Europe: radicalizing social work Zavirsek Darja                                   
  DETAINED! A study of the role of social workers in the admission of young people to psychiatric hospitals in a county in England. Shears Jane
  The Abuse of older people: to legislate or not to legislate Anand Janet
Living with HIV in Romania and the impact of stigma Lazar Florin

11.45- 13.15      Standing up to complexity: social work and social inequality      Nothdurfter Urban
  Economic and social injustice and its relationships to pschological wellbeing, happiness and shame Rantakeisu Ulla, Rystedt Ingrid, Starrin Bengt                   
  Poverty aware social work practice: A new paradigm  Krumer-Nevo Michal
  Social work value system and ideology in today’s Russia:  the practitioners’ attitudes and public images Iarskaia-Smirnova Elena, Yaskaya Valentina
watchdogs or challengers? How changes in social legislation affect the role of social workers in the promotion and defence of Human Rights of migrants in Spain  Gomez-Ciriano Emilio José
11.15 - 13.15     Older people gender and diversity         Roldan Elena
  Older people gender and diversity Roldan Elena, Leyra Begona                       
  Older migrants in Luxembourg – care provision between family and professional services Karl Ute, Kühn Boris, Ramos Anne Carolina
  Romanian ageing migrants going native in Switzerland Ciobanu Oana, Bolzman Claudio
Ageing without children:  challenging the hegemony of parenthood Ray Mo, Sullivan Mary Pat

11.15 - 13.15       Social work and political action 2 Sicora Alessandro
  Environmental social work as a framework for structural social work Aila-Leena Matthies,  Närhi Kati                        
  Social policy, social interaction and "welfare diamonds" in six countries: implications for Social Work Sicora Alessandro               
  The relations between social workers and political organizations in Russia Podstreshnaya Eugenia
The release of social workers from local government into the community: The early lessons from the Social Work Practice Pilots with Adults in England Teater Barbra                         

11.45 - 13.15       Parallel session - Researching across the borders Lintner Claudia
  Crossing borders: the limits of social work research and the potential for change McDonald Kelly       
  What if social work turns transnational? On the research implications of an emerging approach to immigrant clients Boccagni Paolo
  Glocalization Processes in Russian Social Work Romanov Pavel, Kononenko Rostislav, Iarskaia Smirnova Ellena
Social Work in the Context of Social Entrepreneurship Ulčáková Šárka

14.15- 16.00      Child and family social work: a critical view Urec Mojca
  Controlling life? Agamben and the political position of child welfare-involved mothers Waterhouse Lorraine, McGhee Janice                         
  Racism, ‘bad mothers’ and child abuse in news media: A role for social work advocacy Beddoe Liz    
  knowledge and decision making in child protection social work Saltiel David   
Construction of accountability in child protection workers decision-making processes Schrøder Ida Marie
Decision making in problematic situations. Reflections on social workers' use of knowledge and implications for social work research. Blom Björn, Evertsson Lars, Perlinski Maerek

14.15- 15.45      Exploring practices 1                         Hietamäki Johanna
  Problem-setting of social workers in complex and super-diverse contexts. An ethnographic exploration Van Robaeys Bea                                  
  Tacit knowledge regarding re-offending: A repertory grid study of probation officers' judgements Mullineux Judith
  Assessment in child welfare – Realistic evaluation Hietamäki Johanna
Knowledge production in legal processes of divorce - How housing of children is argued in custody reports of Finnish family social work Kääriäinen Aino                     
Pros and cons with the use of case vignettes and focus groups in a comparative approach to study child welfare work in Norway and Sweden Nygren Lennart, Oltedal Siv  

14.15- 15.45       Research in social work as participative learning process 1  Schicklinski Judith
  The frontiers of research democracy: involving people with dementia in a systematic review  Fisher Mike
  Social participation of elderly people: a participative inquiry with particular focus on people with lifelong intellectual disabilities in later ages  Rainer Sylvia
  Working at research: lessons from a participatory research project with young fathers  Braye Suzy,  McDonnell Liz          
Knowledge exchange as a participatory research tool: Alcohol and other drugs in social work practice Hutchinson Aisha , Galvani Sarah, Dance Cherilin,  Allnock Debra

14.15- 15.45    Knowledge production and public accountability  Bertotti Teresa
  Social interventions: quality standards, suitable research instruments Bool Martijn
  Self evaluation of the quality of social work practice Bertotti Teresa
  Quality in access to social services in South Tyrol Nagy Andrea, Berger Elisabeth
  Social Work & public accountability: What do Carers Say?  Lawrence  Julie                             
Framing the ‘child at risk’ in social work reports: truth-telling or story-telling? Roets Griet, Dewilde Lieselot, Roose Rudi, Bruno Vanobbergen
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