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                                       All Symposia on Wednesday, 16.04.2014           

10.15 - 11.15   Can we get close to reality? Critical realism and empirical research in social work Kjorstad Monica, Pekkarinen Elina
Critical realism and social work research                                         Kjørstad Monica  
Care decisions in child protection                Pekkarinen Elina
The rarity of relational elements in social encounters Lunabba Harry                                   
10.15 - 11.15  Multi-Perspective Research – Chances and Challenges Rieker, Peter
  Participation of Children – Children Participating: A Multi-Perspective Research Project Schnitzer Anna, Mörgen Rebecca
  Exit from Right Wing Extremism as Seen by Youths, Parents and Professionals Rieker Peter
  'from boys to men - two perspectivities on initiation' Wegel Melanie, Humm Jakob                      
11.45- 13.00 Knowledge production and utilization in Europe and US Marsh Jeanne
Useful Knowledge, Research, and Innovation in Social Work Practice: Comparing Europe and the US Marsh Jeanne C., Kreisberg Nicole 
Intervention Research in the Emerging Science of Social Work in the US Jenson Jeff              
Converging theory, research and practice: Forms of Social Work Practice Research in Europe Gredig Daniel                               
11.45- 13.00  Reinterpreting the history of social work –Standing up to complexity in the history of social work Koengeter Stefan 
  Negotiating the History of Residential Child Care - A Research Approach      Hauss Gisela                                  
  Köngeter Stefan, Reutlinger Christian
  The circle of social reform - The relationship Social Work: Social Policy in Addams and Richmond Branco Francisco 
Commentator of the three papers Maurer Susanne
14.15 -15.45 Knowledge production and knowledge use through cooperation betwen sicence and professional practice Sommerfeld Peter, Gredig, Daniel, Hüttemann Matthias, Rotzetter Fabienne, Amez-Droz Pascal
  Knoweldge production through cooperation: empirical grounds for a conceptual debate  Hüttemann, Matthias
  An actor-relational approach on new forms of collaboration between research, practice, service users and education  Julkunen Ilse
  From uncertainty to reciprocal accountability: Developing research agendas with organisations as a pathway to increasing social work research uptake and practice accountability   Gray Mel
  Translation and Implementation of Evidence-Based Interventions in Social Work Soydan Haluk, Palinskas Lawrence 
14.15 - 15.45 Welfare under pressure: Shifting roles of government, social professionals and citizens Bos Eltje          
Shifting paradigms; the social professional from helper to broker Gradener Jeroen
‘The memory of Amsterdam East’ reflection on the use of social media in community practice, de Kreek Mike 
Civic driven change in Neighbourhoods: findings of 3 case studies in Amsterdam van Vliet, Pieter or Stam, Martin
Communities that work well. Why are communities successful or not. van Vliet, Pieter or Wildeboer Marijke             
14.15 - 15.45 Making the Invisible Visible – The relationship of knowledge and power and how it is made visible in research and practice Fook Janis           
  Who’s got the say? Experiences and Agency in Stories of Traumatized Children. Schulze Heidrun                   
“I can see something you can`t see”: perception and misperception of migrant clients in Austria Hefel Johanna
That’s so gay! Institutions and Social Work: How they deal with LGBT-youths. Höblich Davina                             
14.15 -16.00  International Mental Health Social Work Research: Knowledge Production and Transfer Webber Martin 
  Beyond Foucault – mapping international knowledge transfer in mental health social work Jobling Hannah, Hardy Mark
An evaluation of CHIERS : a consumer focused and social network response to deliberate self harm Joubert Lynette
What’s at stake in stakeholder research? The challenge of knowledge synthesis in making sense of practitioner decision making Scott Charlotte
Social intervention development and evaluation in Sierra Leone: A feasibility study Newlin Meredith, Webber Martin
The Connecting People Intervention: Findings of a quasi-experimental pilot study Webber Martin, Newlin Meredith, Morris David, Howarth Sharon         
14.15 - 15.45 The Challenges and Opportunities in Communicating with Children and their Families Ruch Gillian
   Intimacy and Distance in Social Workers’ Communication with Children Holland Sally, Hallett, Sophie, Cree Viv, Ruch Gillian, Winter Karen
‘Someone to talk to’: safeguarding in schools through everyday contact  Lefevre Michelle
Children as stakeholders in decision-making: contested issue, diverse practices Pösö Tarja, Skivenes Marit 

Thursday, 17.04.2014 - 10.15 - 11.00 
10.15 - 11.15  The implications of media representation of social work and social workers Puhl Ria, Niermann Klara-Marie, Turski Yelena
Implications of Media Representation of Social Work and Social Workers (films and novels) Allegri Elena
Lessons from media representation of social work and social problems Shulamit Ramon    

Thursday, 17.04.2014 - 11.30 - 13.00
11.45 - 13.15 Who advocates for parents in child protection processes (and why)? Perspectives from England Featherstone Brigid, White Sue
Who advocates for parents in child protection processes (and why)? A perspective from Australia Reimer Elizabeth                       
who advocates for parents in child protection processes and why? An Irish perspective Walsh Trish
Who advocates for parents in child protection processes and why? Perspectives from Australia, England, Ireland and Norway Walsh Trish
Who advocates for parents in child protection processes and why? Perspectives from Australia, England, Ireland and Norway Slettebø Tor

 11.45 - 13.15 Transdisciplinary and partecipative Research for eco-social Development Elsen Susanne 
  Creating new knowledge with migrant entrepreneurs Lintner Claudia                            
Towards a participatory vision of a sustainable local future: Challenges of a transdisciplinary research-project with multi-ethnic actors in the South Caucasus/ Georgia Salzer Anja
New social contracts across European cities against the background of the socio-ecological transition? Looking at citizens´ participation  in the governance of green spaces Schicklinski Judith
Traditional and scientific knowledge for a sustainable management of alpine pasturies Gasser Michael

Thursday, 17.04.2014 - 14.00 - 15.30 
14.15 - 15.45 Perceptions and attitudes of professional social workers in different welfare systems: determining factors and implications for practice Blomberg Helena
Italian social workers' opinions on their margins of discretion and power towards clients Guidi Paolo, Mordeglia Silvana
For-profit vs. Non-profit? Attitudes towards privatisation among social workers in five countries Johanna Kallio, Anna Meeuwisse, Scaramuzzino Roberto         
Regional contexts and professional values as determinants of social workers’ views towards vulnerable groups and related policy measures: Italy compared to the Nordic countries Blomberg Helena, Kroll Christian
Different logics? Attitudes of Nordic and Italian social workers in the public, private and the voluntary sector Meeuwisse Anna, Scaramuzzino Roberto
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